a side by side comparison of the iphone 4 with another version of the smartphone

Image courtesy of AnandTech.Com

Weeks before Verizon was to release its own version of the iPhone, there was a lot of hype. I’d like to call most of it as a “self-proclaimed” hype, which suggested that millions of people would buy the device. As I already mentioned in my earlier post, the reality turned out to be quite the opposite of the speculation. People didn’t buy the device that much, there weren’t any LONG LINES and certainly there wasn’t any element of “hype” there.

So what went wrong? A lot of pre orders just went straight into the slammer. As I’d describe this situation, AT&T is still a little ahead of Verizon. The first reason could be the fact that Verizon’s version of the iPhone doesn’t possess a lot of differences.

The second reason is the fact that when iPhone 4 was released for the first time through AT&T, it was a new device. People just fell for it, despite of its problems that were later discovered. Half or more than half of the U.S. is already hooked to the AT&T version of the iPhone and those people will not spend extra money to get a new Verizon iPhone.

Yes, there is a way of getting this phone the existing contract, but despite of this facility, no one bothers to give two hoots about it. Yesterday, when I talked about some Hotspot bugs in the Verizon iPhone, it was mentioned that the facility supported 5 Wi-Fi devices. At the time of this bug, if you tried to connect all 5 devices, let alone, only 3 devices, your signals would no longer be there.

After making several attempts, you’d realize that your brand new iPhone has some software bugs. Lucky for those affected users, Apple immediately released an iOS update. But as they say, “Once a Buzz Kill; Always a Buzz Kill”, the damage was already done. By the way, I just made that phrase up… J  

Lastly, if in the present situation, you are to compare both AT&T and Verizon iPhones’ call quality; you won’t notice a lot of difference. The voice on the other end will appear to be crisp, cusp and cool. Hence, ask yourself this question:

  • Why do I need to spend extra cash to get the same thing that I already possess?

The answer to this fact already lies leagues deep with the demise of the Verizon iPhone… Case closed for now, but stay tuned for an update.